Back to the…Past?


Tyler Damico, Reporter

Revisiting the Back to the Future trilogy recently made me realize how well made and adventurous the films really were. Every time I view Back to the Future, I have a genuinely exciting and enjoyable time. As I am sure you are aware, the franchise focuses heavily on time travel. As I am also sure you are aware, bringing time travel into a plot brings in a barrage of plot holes, inconsistencies, and existential crises.  It happens to the best of them, unfortunately, from The Terminator to Looper.  One of my favorite aspects of time travel movies are the various outlooks of the future they portray, specifically future dates that we have already passed. It is a window of sorts, showing us our past ambitions and fears. Back to the Future Part Two is a prime specimen in this regard.  With the date where Marty travels into the future [October 21, 2015] now past us, I think it is high time we look back and ponder what the dreams and aspirations we had as a society back in the eighties, and how they are realized through the film.

As the film makes a plethora of predictions about the year 2015, it is interesting to see how many actually came to fruition. We may not be advanced enough technologically for flying cars and hover boards, but hey, we have the next best thing. Leading members in the field of science have developed the next step in ridiculous looking transportation.  Move over Segway, make room for the roller board, a device just as hard to ride as an actual hover board with the cool factor cut in half! Just what people were clamoring for!

Another prediction the film made that nearly saw the light of day was the Cubs winning the World Series.  They played their hearts out and made it to the NLCS. Unfortunately, the filmmakers forgot to take into account the fact that it is the Cubs we are talking about, and they could not make it all the way to the World Series. The dreaded goat curse strikes yet again, dear readers.

One thing the film did predict correctly was our current fashion. Yes folks, it is true, we all dress like members of Twisted Sister that have gone blind. Let us not forget the greatest achievement in the history of footwear since the Croc, the self-lacing shoe! They are on auction later this year and the proceeds go to charity, which is genuinely heartwarming, although I would not hold my breath on my own pair because the shoes are not yet public.

Yet another correct prediction the film makes is the prevalence of 3-D films. We see this in the form of Jaws 19 which we have all seen and universally praised, although my personal favorite Jaws film is the fourteenth in the series; Jaws goes to Manhattan.  The ethics surrounding 3-D films is still being hotly debated, with anti-3-D advocates crying for justice after many a headache. Time will only tell if their cries are heard or simply ignored by those in the film industry.

All joking aside, I find the hopeful, if somewhat misguided, predictions of the eighties to be admirable. 2015 might not have turned out how the people of the past predicted it to, but the world is still spinning, and if they had that amount of hope for the future, perhaps we could find a bit more hope for our own.