Standout Freshmen Athletes


Logan Taylor, 9th

Angelo Salazar, Reporter

From middle school sports to playing at the high school level of athletics, our Woodland Park High School freshmen already have a huge impact on their football, volleyball, and basketball teams. The three amazing athletes I interviewed have always been studs when it comes to playing their sports. Logan Taylor is a running back who is capable of outstanding performances on the field. He is truly a spark for his team when it is needed. As a freshman, Taylor was able to receive a spot on the Woodland Park Varsity Football team. He had the opportunity to suit up and see what high school football is all about. Taylor has played football for nine years, ever since first grade, and has always excelled at the sport. I asked Taylor what his favorite part about playing high school football was and he said, “Just coming together as a team is a really fun part about it.” I also asked Taylor what is different about playing middle school football and high school football. Taylor said, “Middle school was too easy and we really were not taught that much, but high school really teaches us right forms and moves. It makes the game a lot more fun.”  Taylor plans to play all four years of high school, and has goals to play college football.

Lacey Gilmore is a volleyball player that shows potential to become a Woodland Park High School star. Gilmore is an outstanding athlete as a freshman. Just from two years of playing volleyball, people know she is something else. Gilmore also plans to play all four years of volleyball, and is shooting to play at the college level. Gilmore also does an out of school volleyball club and competes in tournaments. I asked Gilmore about the difference between eighth grade volleyball and high school volleyball. Gilmore responded, “It is more competitive, and more aggressive.” Gilmore told me about how mean her spikes were. I also asked her what she like most about playing the game is and she said, “being competitive.”

Lacey Gilmore, 9th
Lacey Gilmore, 9th

Skye Ciccarelli is new to Woodland Park High School, but has had a huge effect on our basketball team. Ciccarelli moved here from Japan and has been playing basketball for 5 years. Ciccarelli got a starting spot on the Varsity team and has scored double digit points each game. When I asked Ciccarelli about what his favorite part about playing here for Woodland Park, he responded, “Being able to go by my opponent and make shots.” I asked Ciccarelli about what he likes most playing here, more than when he was in Japan. He said it is, “fun but it is different. I have some things to work on though.”  He is an amazing player on the court. Starting as a freshman, Ciccarelli shows signs of being a incredible basketball player and getting tons of college offers. These freshmen are not only bound to be successful, but to be well known by everyone.

Skye Ciccareli small
Skye Ciccarelli, 9th