In Memory of Mary Foster


Angelo Salazar, Reporter

I knew Mary Foster very well. She was my counselor and the counselor of many others as well. She helped not only me, but also my older brother and sister to graduate and maintain a positive attitude. Our school and our whole district are devastated by her loss. She was a much- loved member of our school and the Woodland Park community. Mrs. Foster was an amazing counselor for 19 years here at Woodland Park High School and helped hundreds of students through the years.

Mrs. Foster was a sponsor for the Beta club and academic clubs where you need a high GPA to join. The Beta club helped 40 families this past Thanksgiving by providing meals. She also helped kids prepare for AP testing and summer school. She really drove kids to graduate. I interviewed assistant principal Cindy Gannon here at WPHS, and Gannon said she heard from high school students that, “She never gave up on me.” Mrs. Foster never did. I also interviewed special education worker and former WPHS student Amber Robison, who spoke with Mrs. Foster just two hours before she passed away. Robison knew Foster for ten years and received guidance from her all through high school. Robison was a senior and new mother on the edge of quitting school, but Foster helped her to get the confidence she needed to earn her GED. “She motivated me to finish school, and now that she passed away it motivated me to go back to college and completely finish school.” Robison is 25 years old now and has a seven year old daughter. Robison told me, “She is definitely what people call a giving heart.”  That is not the only person Mrs. Foster helped. She helped thousands more.  I spoke with counselor Mark Martin and he finds it hard that she is gone just like the rest of us. Martin told me that he knew Mrs. Foster for about 18 years. He told me that Mrs. Foster really helped kids through tough times and saw potential in every student. When I sat down with Martin we discussed everything Mrs. Forster did throughout the years and how great of a counselor she was. I also spoke with another former WPHS student. Cheyenne Salazar dropped out of school her senior year, but Mrs. Foster convinced her to return. “Mrs. Foster made me come back and had all my papers ready for when I decided to come back and finish,” Salazar said. “I could go to Mrs. Foster for anything. Whether academic wise or a personal issue I could trust her to help me.” Salazar now plans to get her GED and start Junior college.

Many of us were stunned and shocked by the loss of Mary Foster, but our community and school will keep her programs and activities alive in our memories. We give our prayers to Mary’s family, friends, and other loved ones. Mary Foster was an amazing person, and we will continue to have her in our hearts.