Woodland Park Spirit Week


PC: Madison Czelusta

Kola Crafts, Reporter

Every high school has a spirit week, but ours is awesome. On Monday we start the morning with an assembly, where we show off our class colors. Freshmen wore red, sophomores sported yellow, juniors rocked blue and seniors showed off green and black. Students were really getting into it.  People weren’t just wearing shirts, they painted themselves as well.

On Tuesday it was tie-die day. Woodland Park became very colorful. People wore tie die socks and shoes. They sprayed their hair and they wore tie die jewelry. Teachers wore Woodland Park staff shirts that were tie die.

Wednesday was pajama day, and most of Woodland Park was in pajamas. There was people wearing Pokémon pants, and there were people wearing batman onesies and unicorn onesies. Of course, some people did not wear their pajamas, but you really saw the diversity of the students and what they like.

Thursday we went back to the future with decade’s day. I witnessed greasers and girls in poodle skirts. I spotted girls wearing high ponytails with big scrunches. I saw guys in tight white shirts with cardboard boxes rolled up into their sleeves like cigarettes.

Friday we rocked our school with class color day. Everyone I saw was wearing our school colors. We may be a small town school, but we take pride in everything we do. Teachers were all wearing school colors. Students were painted on their legs and arms. Both boys and girls had sprayed painted hair. The school played our fight song all day, and everyone was excited about the football game.

Spirit week at Woodland Park High School is a big deal. This school has a lot of spirit and the whole town gets involved. I drive to the springs multiple times a week, and every time I look out the window I see the businesses with our school name and our colors, and the word “Homecoming” painted on their windows. The whole town gets in the spirit and it’s a nice thing to see.