Poetry Contest Winners!


Last November, the Woodland Park High School Future Famous Authors (FFA) Club and The Panther Perspective joined together to arrange a poetry contest open to all students. The entries were scrutinized by a panel of judges from the FFA, and the winner for first place had their entry published in the printed Panther Perspective community newspaper (to be distributed after Christmas break). Congratulations, Savanah Anderson- Crunk! Second and third place were to be published in the Panther Perspective online paper, and can be found below. Thank you to everyone who participated, and congratulations to the winners!


2nd Place:


While I wait, where you are is where I stay.

When Temptation comes, I will not go astray.

While I’m here you will be my hope

When it is hard, in you I shall glow


I’m standing here on two legs.

(On these legs)

I’m standing here on my feet.


You are my Lover the Maker and Healer.

You are the King and Savior

You are our compromise. Our place,

Our Life.


Here I am for you

Ready to worship you.

Here I am for you, and to praise your glory.

You are the least from boring.


I am your servant

I am no longer fearful

Of those giants.

In you I stand

In you I.. Am beautiful


You are the only thing,

You are my everything.

you are in anything.

In you alone I sing


Those that hate you

Shall pay their share

Those that hate me

will be the one they see.


And I’m standing here on my two legs.

(On my legs)

I’m standing here on my feet.


In you alone I’ll stand,

No judgement shall stick.

I have joined in your band

And I play in your tune.


Here I am for you

Ready to worship you.

Take me to you

And I shall be complete.


As I stand on my legs

(As I stand)

I will lean on you for balance

(Give me your two legs)

Lord I can’t do this alone

(Show me your ways)

Let my feet stand on your ground


I’m standing on my legs

(On my legs)

I’m standing on my feet

On my feet in you I stand


Benjamin Colby



3rd Place: 


The Moon

Once a month,

the moon decides to hide.

But when she goes away,

she always forgets a goodbye.

That’s because she knows,

that no matter where she goes,

she’ll never be gone long,

and she promises to come home.


Savanah Anderson- Crunk