Activities and Clubs


Dan Knapp, Reporter

The 2015-2016 school year has commenced, and with it a plethora of clubs and activities have opened for the student body to join.  Although many fall sports are not available to new members at this time, such as football, softball, volleyball and cross country, there are many clubs that will still accept applicants. The few I will be covering in this article will be the Rugby club, Book Club, Writing Club, and the Wrestling team.

The Rugby team is led by one of Woodland Park’s teachers, Chuck Lawrence. The Rugby club allows participants to learn the basics of the sport while engaging in pick-up style games. The Rugby games are played outside, but occasionally will be played inside during extreme conditions. The club is still accepting new members. Drop by Mr. Lawrence’s room for forms regarding the club. The club hopes to start playing in October.

Coach Sieracki is the head of the wrestling program here at Woodland Park. The program has been very successful in recent years having sent three members to the Colorado State Wrestling Tournament last year. Those three members also all placed in the state tournament that year. A former wrestler of Woodland Park, Tommy Hancock, also went to Colorado State University-Pueblo. Many of the current students here who participate in the wrestling program hold it in very high regard. The program is anticipated to have a very successful year ahead of them.

Headed by our Librarian, Mrs. Strain, the Book Club is dedicated to the discussion and reading of books. The group meets on Wednesdays at lunch. Members bring their food with them and eat while they read or discuss the latest book they have been reading. The Book Club is currently still accepting new members and have said they will for the entire year. The members are also encouraged by Mrs. Strain to bring their friends to the meetings to have a discussion.

The Writing Club, also known by the members as the Future Famous Authors Club, is devoted to the pursuit of making and improving their writing. The Writing Club is also supervised by Mrs. Strain. The club members meet every Tuesday to discuss ways to better improve their writing and then put it into action. As with the Book Club, the Writing Club is currently still accepting members and will be for the entirety of the year. People who are curious about the club are welcomed to go in on their lunch break and partake in one of the meetings. It is not compulsory to join the club in order to take part in one of the meetings.

Woodland Park High School offers many clubs and activities to help students become more proactive in their school. These clubs could greatly benefit your school life if you choose to embrace them. Although it may be too late to join some of the clubs offered by the school, many of them are still open to new member and if anyone is interested they should definitely check them out.