2015 Homecoming Dance


Tyler Damico, Reporter

The night of the homecoming dance is a magical night for many a high school student. It is the culmination of a week of hype, speculation, and planning. One can debate whether the dance lived up to the hype, but one cannot deny that the event was a memorable one.  The theme of this year’s dance was a tried and true one; decades.  This allowed much creative leniency when it came to decorating the venue and dressing for the dance. Sadly, many chose not to dress to the decade’s theme, but having the option was still interesting.

As we all know, a dance without music is a dance most wouldn’t want to attend.  This is where the theme of decades could lend to an interesting mix of past genres to dance to, like disco or maybe some eighties dance music.  Unfortunately, the music that we got definitely leaned to a more modern audience. I cannot really complain as I am sure many of my fellow peers would not dance to older music.  Regardless, there was dancing. Sweet lord there was dancing. In fact, it might have been too much dancing, at least according to local dance authorities who apprehended a fair amount of students who partook in risqué dance moves. One of my sources informed me that the number of students ejected from the dance may have been around thirty. This is simply a rough estimate, but is still shocking, and makes me question the moral standards of individuals on the dance floor. I cannot exactly blame them though, as I have experienced firsthand the hypnotizing effect of the dance floor. It must be something in the strange combination of lighting, music, and physical exertion that leads many to exhibit strange characteristics while “getting down.”

The diet of the dance floor, or at least the one provided by the school, consisted of starbursts and lemonade.  This is a diet that seems to cause controversy in local dance circles. Some claim that those dancing need a more substantial food after such strenuous exercise after all, it isn’t the school’s responsibility to feed people at the dance, as many choose  to eat out before arriving at the dance and scientific research is still inconclusive on the ideal diet for young dance enthusiasts.  Overall, this year’s dance was an interesting and memorable occasion.  It is events like this that make me hopeful for the future of dancing and high school events. We can only hope and speculate on what the next dance theme will be, but until then, I will see you on the floor. The dance floor.