The Week of No Sleep


Lauren Mitchell, Reporter

As Colin Powell said, “There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.” This totally emphasizes the way that homecoming week is run.  Every year the Student Council puts together the homecoming week. This includes literally everything from the hallway decorations, the powder puff game, parade, dance, assemblies and football game spirit. They work countless hours and are completely dedicated to the student body.

Homecoming week started Sunday for the Student council; I had the opportunity to travel around town with Emma Bolen, the senior class president. We decorated the windows of AJ’s Pizzeria, Sweet Escape, and Subway. These three businesses took about an hour and a half, and STUCO paints about ten more businesses by the end of that weekend. Right after we finished painting around town, we went directly to the high school where STUCO was conducting a T-Shirt Tie Dye session with kids from the senior class. Afterwards, the entire class (including freshman, sophomores, juniors and seniors) decorated their designated hallway to match the decade they had chosen a few weeks prior. Student council had to begin the Powder Puff practice before they were even able to finish the hallways.

If you have ever wondered how the parade is so successful, ask student counsel. Olivia Ostendorf and Emma Bolen put endless hours into the planning, running and decorating for the parade. The bonfire is set up before the parade and taken down at 5am the next morning. Homecoming is known as the week of no sleep for Mrs. Nard’s 7th hour. Of course, it does not stop there. The dance decorating started Saturday morning and taking the decorations down did not stop until midnight.

In an interview with Emma Bolen, she said, “I think that our biggest involvement was the parade and bonfire. This year we had one of the biggest turn outs. I definitely think that all of us have to be a team and work together to accomplish our set goal. We all did a huge part and it was fantastic. I think that the parade, dance, game and bonfire went very well.”

Homecoming wouldn’t be possible without the devoted and encouraging Student Council. Their hard work and perseverance is greatly appreciated by the student body. Every year the turn out grows, and the school feels more unified than the week before. Without a doubt, Homecoming is the most exciting high school event for the year.