Culture in Woodland


Lauren Mitchell, Reporter

This year Mrs. Nard decided to create a club called the Culture Team. It is inspired by the idea that all clubs should support each other and that Woodland Park should form a more positive spirited community. It is aimed to be completely student driven, meaning the student body will come up with the ideas and follow through with minimal teacher intervention.

The group is made up of many sub-committees. Each group has a specific focus, such as school spirit, Rachel’s Challenge, mentor groups (for incoming students) and activity groups for students who like Magic cards, reading, and have other past times.  The ultimate goal is to get the entire school involved. Currently details are pretty broad and are slowly starting to narrow in. They are in the process of creating posters, games and sub-committee assignments. This year the members will have to experiment with trial and error to see what the student body likes and accepts and what they do not. So, in attempt to change Woodland Park High School’s  image as semi-conceited and negative to an excited and engaged community, the Culture Team was formed and progressing.

Mrs. Nard sent an email to the coaches of sports and activities. Those who were interested in participating submitted the student names that they believed would be strong candidates for the team. Currently the team stands at around 70 students, with a future goal of approximately 85 members. They mainly consist of seniors, but they want to bring in more freshman and sophomores to form a solid foundation of affiliates who can continue the program in future years while recruiting friends.

This group will become a large influence on our school and the energy within it. It will create amazing resumes and allow those involved to have a new sense of worth, a different perspective on how not only the high school, but the world in general, will be created. They will see the way people interact with one another and what activities will change the negativity that can occur within groups. In an interview, Mrs. Nard expressed her thankfulness for the senior class “I’m thoroughly impressed with the senior’s motivation to change the school.” The seniors are the ones who have experienced the best and the worst of the school throughout the last four years, and they are genuinely ready to change it. When they put their heads down and decide that they want to accomplish a goal, you can definitely bet they will.

Getting teams to work together and understand that we all are part of the same school and the same generation will shift the motivations and desires of Woodland Park. Everyone has their individual accomplishments and the Culture Team want to begin to make every individual act matter. The benefit of having this team will not only be their influences, but the encouragement and resources they provide.