Ms. Campbell’s Choir


Kola Crafts, Reporter

Our high school choir is a big thing here in Woodland Park. Ms. Campbell is an amazing woman and she knows how to teach. I went and asked her a few questions so we could find out more about her and what drives her to teach.

All music teachers and musicians have a music genre that got them started. I wanted to find out what got Ms. Campbell started. Her reply was this: “My grandma is a concert pianist.” Everyone in her family is musical and because of that she began piano lessons at the age of three.

Some one might say you like all music but everyone has that one genre they could listen to without getting tired of it. Ms. Campbell’s is the Blues. She can listen to it for hours.

Since Ms. Campbell is a choir teacher, I wanted to find out if this was her passion for life and if she had always wanted to teach choir. “Since the 6th grade,” was her reply. That was immensely surprising, because most people, even in high, school still do not know what they want to do.  She had her heart set from the beginning.

My next question ties in with the previous one: how long has she taught choir? Ms. Campbell has been teaching for nine years here in Woodland Park and ten years in and out of other areas. She is well experienced.

My last question was deep, and it took us back to nine years ago. “How hard was it to make the program yours after taking over for Mr. Dixon?” Ms. Campbell’s response was humorous. “I am good at smiling and making it look like I am listening but still doing it my way.” She then goes into detail and seriousness. She honors traditions. She also did not change anything until the second year. “It’s disrespectful to change something automatically,” she said. She changed some things but only if the kids needed the change.

After I finished interviewing Ms. Campbell, she then posed a question to me. “Why are you not singing with me?” I might start next semester. So guys and girls if you are interested in choir go meet Ms. Campbell. She is great and she loves to recruit people.