WPHS Prepares for Application Month


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Lauren Mitchell, Reporter

Woodland Park High School constantly tries to encourage their students to look into different trade schools, universities and post-graduation job opportunities. During September, October (application month) and November, WPHS invites college representatives to talk and present their schools to students. Juniors and Seniors are allowed unlimited excused days off to check out different campuses, both in state and out of state, and are supported by their counselors, teachers and secretaries.

On September 30th the high school invited about 20 in-state schools, including University of Colorado Boulder, University of Northern Colorado, Colorado State University, UCCS, University of Denver, Fort Lewis College and many others. The admissions counselors talked with students about majors, programs, campus life, academics, admission requirements, scholarship information and answered any questions. Each school had a chance to show off their unique campus qualities and begin to recruit students. Many schools gave out free applications and direct contact information. The event went over perfectly with a huge abundance of interested students and mass amounts of provided information.

Most Fridays throughout the semester universities will be visiting and conducting seminars at WPHS. These include out of state schools like University of Montana, and in-state schools such as Colorado Christian University and CO Mesa University. Additionally, programs such as UCCS Army ROTC and UCCS Image of Nursing came late September. During the advisory period on Thursday October 1st , Mrs. Johnston invited students to discuss the application process and hand out resources for creating resumes, scholarships and letters of recommendation. She addressed student’s concerns and presented herself as a solidified resource by providing a list of scholarship websites, index rubrics and ACT information.

A high school’s main job should be helping students choose paths that will allow them to be successful later in life. Woodland Park seems to take this obligation to heart and prepare their students both academically and mentally for the adult world, the same world that seniors will soon be facing in a matter of months. As Nikki DeLoach, an American actress, once said, “Everybody remembers what it’s like to be in high school. We really never leave those years behind.” Most of us are ecstatic to be moving on to bigger and better things soon and the school district is constantly keeping students centered and focused on what needs to be done to make that transition smooth and easy.