Welcome to Woodland Park High School


Kola Crafts, Reporter

Throughout the last couple of weeks I have interviewed many members of our student body. I made sure people from each class had a say.  I got a lot of different answers and it made me see everyone individually.

When I asked a freshman if he liked his classes, without hesitation Holt Brashears said, “yes, because the teachers are fun.” Later he replied to my other question, what was the hardest transition from middle school into high school, with, “it is a bigger school and the classes are more spread out.” Another freshman, Isabella Symes, said that “high-school is scary with a lot of people.”

Sophomores had a different set of questions. Of course I asked if they loved the homework. One sophomore screamed “NO” at me. The other, Alyx Nelson, said, “heck no-Techno.”  When I asked them if they were excited to go off campus next year, I got the same answer from both. “Yes!” Why did they say that? They do not want to eat the schools food anymore. Who would?

While asking juniors what they did for summer break, I got different answers. Hallie Thomas went to California and played Softball. Jaylan Krause played Softball and went to Illinois, and Kyla Schumacher went on a vacation with her family. When I asked Kyla how it feels to be an upperclassman, she nodded and said, “It is good, but you have to set a good example.”

Now seniors were more in depth. The biggest question I asked was, “Do you have senioritis?” Two replied, “not yet.”  Another, who does not wish to be quoted, said she is more than happy to leave. One question I thought would be fun to ask is, “Do you pick on the freshman?” To say the least, only one Senior said no. Conner Troynor only picks on his freshman. Emma Hill said, “Sometimes…Well, a lot.” She continued. When you ask seniors what their plans are for college you start to see the diversity in the school. Conner would like to go to college for his Doctorate in chemistry. Another wants to take a gap year and work. Emma is not really sure yet, but Woodland Park knows she will do great things. Everyone in this school is great and they will do great things. Welcome to Woodland Park High School.