Pride of the Park


Angelo Salazar, Reporter

Woodland Park High School marching band is going to be an amazing sound to hear for this 2015 school year. The marching band was off to a slow start due to off season issues. They had a little problem getting a new director. This had students wondering if there was going to even be a marching band this year. New marching band director Harrison Cox says, “I couldn’t be more proud of them, and everyone pulled it together really well as they began getting to work.” I asked Harrison what he was most excited for and he responded, “The Friday night lights.” He is very excited for his marching band students and is looking forward to having his kids show off what they have practiced so hard for during the off season.  He looks forward to performing in front of a crowd of rowdy fans without being critiqued by judges on every move they make. He hopes they will have a good time. Marching band has two football games this month that everyone is excited to go to see. They also have their first competition, “The Douglas County Marching Invitational,” on October 3rd, followed by the Homecoming game, which the whole school and community will want to go see. “It’ll be extremely busy,” Harrison responded. After October 3rdthey can start looking forward to their remaining competitions and football games this season. Noah Freesma is a freshman here at WPHS who is on marching band. Noah plays the trumpet and loves to be with the band. I asked him what his favorite part about marching band is, and he told me playing under the Friday night lights. I asked him what he thought about Harrison Cox, and he told me, “Mr. Harrison is fun and makes practice fun to be at. He’s a funny guy and others at practice enjoy being around him too.” I also spoke with drum major Stephanie Lynam. She is a senior here at WPHS who plans to attend UNC in Greely with aspirations of becoming a band director.  She helps with technique and beat of the drum instrument and really enjoys marching band. I asked what her favorite part about the band was and she said, “The band is kind of small and because of our size we went from 3A to 2A, but since we’re so small all of us in marching band are close and enjoy each other and these people are fun to be around.” She also told me how fun it is to have a new director who is a new upbeat guy instead of a director who was becoming run down and did not make it as interesting. Stephanie also told me about the show coming up that they do every year. The chosen theme for this year’s show is “The Wizard of Oz”, and the marching band is definitely excited to show their skills at the show. Marching band is a fun exciting activity for WPHS students. The marching band shows off our school spirit each and every year and will for years to come.

colorguard stephany