Knowledge Bowl Set to Play


Adam Salas, Reporter

With the new school year comes a bigger, stronger, smarter knowledge bowl team ready to roll into the 2015-2016 season. Led by Mr. Reed, the knowledge bowl consists of teams competing at various high schools in the area in a trivia based event, much like the T.V show jeopardy, with varying categories ranging from history, English, science, pop culture and sports trivia.

Students compete as teams but are ranked individually by accumulated points over the season. A point is earned by a correct answer entered by a student in the competition. Those with enough points will move on to regionals and ultimately state, if they can qualify at regionals.

Mr. Reed spoke about the knowledge bowl saying, “The ultimate goal is to bring home some hardware in competitions, at regionals, and to go to state”.

There are three knowledge bowl teams that are the same levels as most sports Varsity, Junior Varsity, and C-Team. While these teams do compete at each competition separately, there are no team captains and teams often change every competition.

With a young team this year, only consisting of one senior, the knowledge appears strong and appears to have a bright future. The lone senior of the group is former knowledge bowl member returning to the game, Clarissa Hickam, but that does not intimidate her at all.

“Being the only senior doesn’t make me feel any additional pressure. Just because I’m a senior doesn’t mean I need to be a leader of the team. In knowledge bowl, it’s all about intellectuality, not seniority” Said Hickam confidently. With this being her final year in high school, it is important to make this year count.

The team is looking towards a great rebuild this year. When asking Hickam about the potential for the team, she responded, “I have some high hopes for the team this year. We have more people and that can only make us stronger.” Reed also displayed a lot of confidence in his team as well saying, “We have some very talented juniors on the team that can carry us far and freshmen look good so far”

Only time can tell what the future of the knowledge bowl team will be this year, but it looks like a bright one led by bright people. Their first competition will be on September 26th at Mesa Ridge High School, but until then, better get to studying. Good luck to the Woodland Park Knowledge Bowl team!