Clean Out Your Closet


Benji Hobson, Reporter

One of the best things we can do as human beings is to give to others. Sure, being on the receiving end of gifts is always nice, but it is always much more fulfilling to see the expression of sincere gratitude on the face of another than it is to get something ourselves. The benefits of gift giving are even more prevalent when one can give something that the receiver otherwise would have been incapable of getting themselves. Sometimes we forget that not everyone has the essentials. Fortunately, members of the National Honors Society (NHS) are aware of the need – if not in our community, than in others – and have banded together to start a clothes drive.


Every year NHS works in tandem with an organization called Partners in Housing: They let NHS know what they need, and the society dedicates their time to promoting drives in an attempt to gather the needed resources. It tends to work quite well. “We collect around $100-$200 worth of donations each year”, says Mrs. Stone, organizer of NHS. Each year the community has proven itself extremely generous, but this year they seem to have outdone themselves as members of NHS reported that they received over 20 trash bags of teen and young adult clothing. “I just like helping out”, NHS student leader Caitlin Seibel says in response to how the whole thing got started, “last year Partners in Housing asked for toilet paper, this year they asked for teen and young adult clothes. Once they knew about [the drive] the community has been great, I only wish we could have gotten the word out sooner.”


The bountiful outpouring from local residents during the drive was astounding. The members of NHS were overwhelmed by the amount of donations received, and will have to make multiple trips down to the Partners in Housing center in the Springs in order to get all of the donations to them. It is good to know that we have a community that cares deeply for others. It assures us that, if any of us were ever in need, we would have a network of supportive, helpful souls ready to give.