Alumni in the News


Lauren Mitchell, Reporter

Erica Leonis, a Woodland Park High School alumnus of 2012, has gone on to create a lifestyle that has made her effective and engaged. She understands that in order to be successful one must work hard and create a positive work environment for themself. This young woman has applied her knowledge, education and experiences to create a career that informs and advances the public. Her array of skills is constantly expanding and being broadcast across the Colorado region.

After completing her associates degree in telecommunications from Pikes Peak Community College, Erica has advanced as a multimedia journalist in Colorado Springs for the KKTV news station. She specializes in video editing and creates the snapshots and videos that show up behind the broadcasters. The quick informational segments are precisely edited and pieced together to allow the public accurate information. She was able to accomplish this through the Woodland Park High School Area Vocational Program. This is set up for junior and senior students and allows them to earn college and high school credits. Ms. Leonis stated, “AVP was a huge help with getting me to where I am right now. I was able to test out a possibility for my future for free through PPCC and earned 21 college credits doing so. It allowed me to fall in love with a career before I actually had to go to college.”

The news station is more than work, it is a comfortable and exciting place, although hectic at times, Erica believes that they have become a tight cluster. “My favorite thing about KKTV is that no matter how hectic breaking news can get, we are still a team and act as a family. We never take anything personally and we make each other laugh.”

With the entire world at the tip of her hand, Erica is working her way to Las Angeles. She has recently applied for a video editing job at Buzzfeed, an internet based news source. She has the support of her current boss and coworkers while they begin to train her in producing and allowing her experience in broadcasting. “Every job I’ve looked at in L.A. for pre/post production requires experience in broadcasting”, Erica said during an interview. This shows that the profession she is working towards is easily within reach and possible in the next few years.

Woodland Park High School gave Erica Leonis the resources she needed to progress into a whole new world. The realm of news, editing and production seems to have a million different prospective and pathways, and for this modern and devoted woman, it is all within reach.