Woodland’s Got Talent


Jordan Perry, Reporter

A night filled with dazzling singing voices and stunning dance moves was this year’s Woodland Park High School talent show. The spotlight shined on some great talents in our school; it ranged from piano playing, majestic voices, impressive dance moves, and our very own Woodland Park High School Drum Line.

Dalton LaFever played the piano twice during the night. The first time, he played and sang “Imagine” by John Lennon. Everyone was impressed by his low singing voice and spot-on key playing skills. The second time he came on stage, he sat down in front of the piano and put a harmonica holder around his neck; he played “Piano Man” by Billy Joel. The crowd absolutely loved his entertaining performance and his exquisite talent. Dalton revealed that he has been playing the piano for about ten years and that he started learning to play the harmonica this year specifically for that song.

There were also a few others who played the piano for the adoring audience. There was Mackenzie Burgess who performed “Kaleidoscope” by Steven Cravis. The spotlight shimmered on Mackenzie’s wonderful talents as she flawlessly fingered the keys. The next one to perform on the piano was Joe Yeager. Joe played his own original piece that sounded professionally put together. You can tell Joe has a real knack for music.  The last of the performers to sit on the piano bench was the duo of Micael Gage and Shanane Roberts, playing an intense original piece of their own.

Powerful dance moves took over the stage during the show starting with Corner Street Dance Senior Ensemble. Each girl mirrored the moves of the others and they made an extremely quick costume change in the middle of it and came back out onto the stage to finish up their dance. The next dance act was Levi Corbett and his techno dance. Colorful strobe lights flared all around as he danced like a robot, with pretty precise movements. The last dance routine was an original hip hop dance number performed by Noelle Bovee and Houston Gordon. You could tell they were very proud of their choreography and were having fun dancing.

There were plenty of stunning vocal chords in the night of stars. To start off the show was Christine Albertson singing “Steady On” by Point of Grace, which she dedicated to her parents for always supporting her. Next up were Abby Hills and Cody Williams performing “Happy” by Marine and the Diamonds. These two made a great harmonizing pair while the sound of singing and ukuleles filled the room. Ruth Woolley, Hannah Hobson, Zoe Austin and Noelle Bovee put on a spectacular piece by singing the a-capella version of “White Winter Hymnal” arranged by Pentatonix. They created the beat by clapping and high fiving each other. Next, Kylie Mitchell sang “Crazy for You” by Adele. The audience could tell she was pretty nervous. But in the end, she sang beautifully with the audience fully supporting her.

To finish out the list, Micaela Davidson, Benji Hobson, Hannah Hobson, and Russell Patterson sang “Head On” by Man Man. Micaela dazzled on her ukulele, Russell on his guitar, Benji providing rhythmic percussion, and Hannah harmonizing with Micaela. Next were Carly Poe and Emma Bolen singing “Hallelujah” by Alex Andra Burke. The new student, Adam Salas, was up next to sing. He brought out his shiny, black guitar and sang “Who I Am with You” by Chris Young. The last singers of the night were Brett Valenti and his friends Emily, Elizabeth, and Joshua Newton performing “Dirty Paws” by Of Monsters and Men. Three of the four were playing the guitar, ukulele, and the mandolin for a unique, alternative sound.

There are definitely many talented kids at Woodland Park High School. It takes so much courage to get up on stage and share their gifts with people from all over the community. They all have stories to share through their marvelous talents and they are all, truly, shining stars.