The Woodland Park Madrigals


Jordan Perry, Reporter

Many students remember the high school Madrigals choir coming to their school to perform. The women had long flowing Renaissance dresses made of silk and satin, and the men wore flowing capes and colored tunics. They were remembered as majestic creatures from high school that called themselves Madrigals. Some of the children that had dreamed of being in the Madrigals Choir since their elementary days are now Madrigal singers. They have worked especially hard to get into Madrigals this year. This December was a full plate for these childhood dream-weavers.

The Madrigals started the month out on the first of December, singing for the PEO Program. They traveled to Colorado Springs to sing for the sweet ladies of PEO, who support women’s right to education. On December 2nd, they had their winter concert at Woodland Park High School singing songs such as Deck the Halls, Ding Dong Merrily on High, and Parade of the Wooden Soldiers. Parade of the Wooden Soldiers interestingly enough came from an original Betty Boop cartoon.

Throughout the first week of December, the Madrigals made their rounds to perform for groups such as Kiwanis, Pikes Peak Hospice, and the Holiday Home Tours over the weekend. Another thing that the Madrigals do in December is they go around to each of the elementary schools- Summit, Columbine, and Gateway- and perform for the kids that aspire to do great things as they grow up. The children loved hearing the Madrigals and their faces lit up with joy as they applauded with thunderous claps for the choir. Ms. Connie Campbell, director, told the children about the many things that the Madrigals do. Madrigal singers do multiple things like sports, forensics, band, community service, and participate in advanced or honors classes. Ms. Campbell told them that they had to work hard and maybe one day they could be the Madrigals performing for the next generation.

The next stop in that week was singing for the Senior Citizen Luncheon. It took place at the Cultural Center in the center of the beautiful Woodland Park. All of the seniors that go to the Senior Center were there to watch the Madrigals perform. They were enjoying a feast as the Madrigals gathered together on an indoor porch and began to sing their holiday-themed songs. The seniors adored the performances and when the choir was done singing, the students walked around to talk with the seniors. All of the ladies seemed to get a kick out of the Renaissance themed outfits that Madrigals wear in the month of December.

Lastly, the Madrigals have their annual Madrigal’s dinner. Everyone enjoyed their meals that were prepared by the Junior Chef’s program here at the high school. The Madrigals sang with jolly Christmas spirit, and then they proceeded to put on a play called “Cinderelephant”. It was Cinderella with a twist; she had huge ears, her fairy godmother was a man with a baseball bat from the mafia, and she ended up with Prince Frank, which was Prince Charming’s brother.

After the play was over, the wonderful Ladies’ Select choir came up on stage and performed for the crowd. They sang their winter-themed songs such as “Ocho Kandelikas” and “I’ll Be Home for Christmas.” When they finished, both choirs joined together with the alumni in the crowd to sing “Silent Night”. It sent the crowd home with the feeling of warmth and Christmas spirit in their hearts.

The Madrigals choir has a multitude of talents and skills. They go out there and show the community their unique talents and bright, enthusiastic personalities. They spread smiles all around with their lovely voices and have a strong bond like Gorilla Glue and plastic.