First Quarter Reflections


Lauren Mitchell , Reporter

This year seems to be flying by. With school sports, activities and academics whirling around the students’ minds, everyone seems to be at a different spot in their semester. Many are surprised that we are already a quarter through the school year, while others are ready for summer again. Most of the students have exceeding grades, and others are just trying to stay caught up. The anxious students are awaiting every break, but everyone seems to be wisely using their time and valuing their educational opportunities.

After speaking with some enthusiastic freshman, Evan Owen, Landin Troutman and Alec Goss, it was decided that high school is more difficult than middle school, but more exciting and fun. They talked of the freedoms of high school and how proud they are of their current grades. The most difficult classes for them are Spanish and English, because of all the new information being thrown at them. In order to keep up with grades Alec said he does every assignment to the best of his ability, Landin uses his access to Infinite Campus to track his grades and Evan works during academic block. Each of them have accomplished straight A’s for the first quarter, with their favorite classes being Theater, P.E and Honors Earth and Space. They agreed that they all respect all the teachers, and their academics are going “very smoothly”. They are looking forward to sports like basketball and ending the semester with a high grade point average. Overall, the school seems to be very proud of how the freshman have stepped up and become so involved in our school. Their participation in sports, band, theater and clubs has been greatly appreciated by the upperclassmen.

Two of our sophomores, Amanda Roth and Cassidy Allen, feel like they have acceptable grades, both girls have only A’s and B’s, and are involved in after school activities. Cassidy thinks that if she focuses in class and does all of her homework her grades will be more solidified, and Amanda wants to motivate herself to eliminate all of her procrastination. Both believe that it is just a matter of keeping up with homework, and that success is mostly based off of accomplishing the work that is given. Sophomore year seems to be a stressful time, with college becoming an important factor in almost all academic decisions. Pressure in regards to after school activities, such as sports and clubs, is amplified during the second year of high school. These girls are already noticing the heat.

After talking with a handful of juniors, C-Bass Exline, Cristian Lyman, Tempa Feagan and Kylie Wollaston, each of them seems to be at a different point in their school year. C-Bass and Kylie agreed that they felt that they have strong grades, while Cristian and Tempa feel like they are slowly improving and getting closer to their academic goals. In order to keep up with grades these students study, take notes and do their homework. Tempa believes that she needs to make time for more sleep so that she can stay awake and pay attention to her studies. Cristian said that he thinks participating in peer tutoring can be beneficial and helpful. Some accomplishments that were made during the first quarter include new friendships and better grades. All of them agreed that sophomore year was harder than junior year.

Haley Porter and Kaitlyn Smith represented the senior class in regards to their first quarter. Both girls have great grades and are pleased with the low stress level of their senior year. They are looking forward to the senior activities and their own personal advancements. Mr. Ganoza is the girls’ favorite teacher, and they enjoy AP Environmental Science, Athletic Training and college level Spanish. They agreed that later in the year the stress for college will be amplified, but at the moment everything is relaxed and calm. Other seniors, such as Cheryl Woods, have found this year to be much more stressful than the past ones. With AP courses, after school activities and work, many are struggling to stay caught up and succeed in there last year at Woodland Park.

Overall, the students are trying their hardest. The Woodland Park Panthers have started out the 2014-2015 school year strong and will continue to uphold that. Grades, achievements and motivation are at an all-time high, and will stay that way.