Annual City Traditions Stir Homecoming Anticipation


Jacob Manriquez , Reporter

Representatives for both the City and the School District appeared at Woodland Park’s annual Homecoming parade on September 17th. This year, our community is bringing back many new exciting floats, different people around the community, and a lot of candy.

The anticipation for the parade grew early, with many people arriving well before the floats were completed for set up. The spectator’s started pouring into the streets before the parade, and filled the streets slowly with large amounts of students and candy-hungry kids. Then, at 6:30, the parade waded its way into the streets full of people dressed in black, green and white.

People were roaring, and they quickly filled with excitement. The representatives did an excellent job as always, providing the crowd with many different exciting floats this year. A large amount of different school clubs appeared, as well as organizations from around the community, and our different representatives for each class.

Plenty of other people from around the school made an appearance. Football, Softball, and Soccer represented our fall sport teams. While Cheer and Color Guard pumped up the crowd to the sound of the Marching Band’s music.

But that’s not all, the Woodland Park Fire Department, Woodland Park Police Department, Kiwanis, and 4H also were present in the parade. Even the elementary school kids appeared to represent the different schools, as Summit, Columbine, and Gateway each had their own float.

After the parade, it was time to head over to the bonfire, which started at 7:30. Night had begun to fall, and the air became chilled. It was the perfect time to ignite the bonfire that the volunteer community had constructed after school.

The bonfire was incredible as always, igniting quickly to bring about a dazzling show of flames for everybody in the city to see. The bonfire roared, and burned with intense heat and an extreme amount of light. The flame could be seen dancing over the Elementary school high in the air, while the smoke could be seen for miles.

The bonfire was a blast. Students socialized and talked with one another while enjoying the light and heat of the fire. The band resumed playing music for everyone around the fire to enjoy, and the firefighters stood close by on alert to tend to the fire.

Then, after one hour, the mighty bonfire fell. The bonfire was put out and reached its close by 8:30, and quickly the people started to disperse. The night was over, but even so, people were still excited for what was to come later on in the Homecoming week.