We’ve Got Spirit


Fiona Miller, Reporter

            A catastrophic affliction hit Woodland Park last week from the 15th to 19th of September. Woodland Park High School students were infected with the School Spirit Bug.

            Spirit Week is a period of five days occurring the week before WPHS’s annual Homecoming football game and dance. Riotous assemblies on Monday and Friday got students pumped up in preparation for the upcoming events: the Powder Puff game Monday, a parade and bonfire Wednesday evening, the football game Friday, and the Homecoming Dance on Saturday. During the week, students dressed according to specific themes chosen by Student Council members.

This year, Monday was Class Clash Day, where students wore colors according to what grade they were in. Freshmen wore red, sophomores dressed in yellow, juniors were in blue, seniors displayed green or black, and faculty members rocked the orange. Sophomore Abi Shaw thought that class clash was the best Spirit Day, “because you dress up in school colors and everybody’s all wild.” Tuesday was Tacky Tourist day, where students donned their Hawaiian shirts, sombreros, or other touristy items. Wednesday was Toga Day, which resulted in more than a few dress code violations. “I thought Toga Day was pretty bad, ’cause a whole bunch of malfunctions went with the clothing,” says Sophomore Jessica Corbett. On Thursday, the school was brimming with red, white, blue, and no lack of patriotism here on America Day. Last, but in no way least, was Spirit Day, where students showed off the WPHS colors; green, white, and black. Many students sported face paint in support of the Homecoming game that took place Friday evening.

            A survey was taken to determine which Spirit Days were the most favored by WPHS. Out of a group of 240 students, 22% liked class clash day, 7% enjoyed Tacky Tourist Day, 14% favored Toga Day, 15% picked America Day, 30% loved Spirit Day, and 7% chose multiple options. 6% of the students who took the survey disregarded the given options and added their own- Pajama Day.

            Spirit week is a great school tradition that gets students excited to be a part of WPHS. Sophomore Dillon Shackelford gives his opinion on the purpose of Spirit Week: “Well, for one, just to kinda get people to relax, ’cause I know that a lot of people get stressed out over grades and tests and stuff like that. I think that it just helps the entire school in general, you know to have fun and just clear their head.”