Tea for Our Fellow Panthers


Benji Hobson, Reporter

It is quite easy to get swept up into the fun and excitement of Homecoming. Whether you are a freshman or a senior, we all join together in supporting our school and our respective classes. But sometimes, we get so wrapped up in our enthusiasm that we forget what Homecoming is actually about. Questions like, “What should I wear for toga day?” or “Who should I invite to the dance?”, spiral around in our minds and cause us to lose sight of what we are really honoring with our week of celebration – the return of our alumni.

Every year, in an attempt to recognize our alumni, members of National Honors Society (NHS) pull together to host the Alumni Tea, sort of a “welcome home party”.  Alumni of all different ages are invited to enjoy cake, cheese cubes (and a variety of other delicious snacks) talk with fellow alumni, and sign the schools ledger. This year’s event boasted an impressive turnout, as graduates from as early as last year and as late as the 50’s showed up Friday night to hang out, see old friends and teachers, and join us in cheering on our Panthers. For members of NHS, it was a privilege to be able to serve our graduates, and witness their happy reunions with their families. We often take for granted the presence of our friends and families, and overlook the fact that many of our alumni enrolled in college may not get to see their loved ones but a few times a year. “Homecoming… means a whole different thing as a college student, I’m coming home, and a lot of other people are coming home.” Says 2014 graduate Brandon Lau, flying excitedly out of his seat mere seconds later at the sight of his sister.

No matter where they are in life, Woodland Park will always be home to our alumni, and they will always bleed green and white. As a result, NHS strives to celebrate with alumni in their reunions, honor the changes each one brought to our school and community, and welcome them back as fellow panthers. So naturally, they throw a tea party.