Ancient Civilizations- The Homecoming Dance


Alli Busby, Reporter

One of the greatest high school traditions of all time is the Homecoming dance, and it’s not just about the dance either. There’s so much that goes into the full picture. There’s getting ready with your friends and/or your date, pictures, dinner reservations, the after party, and so much more. It really is an exciting night if you just let loose and let yourself have fun. Year to year WPHS holds the dance in the Main Gym where Stuco spends the majority of their day decorating. After all the pre-dance excitement, the doors open at 8:00 while the long line of shivering students stretches out the door.

This year’s Homecoming theme was Ancient Civilizations, but students say that the theme didn’t affect the overall feel of the dance. “I didn’t really like the theme, but I had fun and it was decorated well. The black lights were cool.” said Carly Poe, 11th grade. In previous years a major complaint about the dance has been the music. “The music was better than last year, but I think there should be more “dancing music” and less “singing music”. Carly also noted that there shouldn’t be a set playlist, there should be a real DJ or someone should be manning the music. So why do people go to the dance in the first place?

Positive vibes kept the night fun this past Saturday, but there are still many people that have no interest in the dance. We asked Stephanie Lynam why she didn’t go to Homecoming this year: “Because for the past couple of dances, the music hasn’t been good dance music, it’s just a big drama catalyst and no one actually dances, they just bounce around or sway while hugging.” Instead of going to Homecoming she went to the movies with a friend. All in all, it comes down to opinion. Some love the dance, some would really rather not go.