STUCO’s Hard Work for Homecoming


Lauren Mitchell, Reporter

“It’s incredibly stressful, the success of an entire week depends on 30 high school kids and not only does everything have to run successfully, but you have to make sure everyone likes what’s going on and everyone is having a good time. And there are a million details that you have to overcome to make it a thing.” – Abby Hills, STUCO President.

As Homecoming week takes off, you will find the Student Council running around behind the scenes to sort out every detail and create a perfect experience for the student body. In order to involve the entire community, these 30 students descend into town to paint business windows, build a bonfire, parade, tailgate party and a “Powder Puff” football game. In addition to the sprit days there are hall decorations, assemblies, spirit videos, BBQ lunch, and the dance. These difficult tasks completely take away any chance of sleep and require great attention to detail as the week progresses. In order for the students to have an enjoyable time, STUCO initiates and creates the motivation to get the job done.

The pressure is greater than ever, with less than half of the time to prepare than past years, STUCO is adding more fundraisers and events to Homecoming. Normally, Homecoming rolls around in the mid to late October, so in order to make Woodland Park High School a more positive environment, the juniors have taken the reins and thrown everything they have into expanding the tailgate party, with face paint, a “Smash and Dash”, food and music. The historians attend every event leading up to this week so that they can create an exciting spirit video that will be played during the pep-assembly. Everyone is involved in hall decorations, bonfire clean-up and dance decoration. The presidents, Abby Hills, Broedy Seisneros, Christian Hooker, Ellie Miller and Grant Williams create the bonfire and lunch BBQ. The vice presidents, Dakota Herman, Jason Kekich, Linda Shafer and Catlin Thorne put on the Powder Puff Game and assembly.  Finally, the parade is led by Mackenzie Burgess and her secretary committee of Ashley DeLarm, Calli Walters, Jack Fisher, Jakob Seib, Olivia Ostendorf and Kaitlyn Smith. This class works together as a team and family to unite a small town and create an atmosphere that everyone will participate in and enjoy.

Homecoming is a tradition that is as stressful as you make it. Datoka Herman mentions, that as long as you have good time management you will be able to focus on boosting participation and having fun. He says, “I like to think everyone enjoys it as much as I do, but I don’t know, maybe I enjoy it a lot more because I’m more involved and invested into it. It’s cool to see everything fall into place. It’s something to be proud of when it goes well.”

These students do not stop, they just keep going. After homecoming is over, they are going to dive into any concerns or changes that the student body has. “STUCO isn’t just a class, it’s a family, like a team, and we really need to pull together and stay together for everything to work.” Abby says. She encourages students to come out for student council next year, and tells about how it’s not just limited to a select few.

So, after the football game is over, remember who is behind all the hard work, and appreciate everyone who has dedicated their time to make this week a success.