Summertime Reading


Micaela Davidson, Editor

As we slowly make our way into summer, students and adults alike will be looking for something fun to occupy their free time. What better place to go then the library? The clock tower of the Woodland Park Public Library has painted the sky of Woodland Park for over ten years, informing our small town that it is always a good time to read.

Throughout the year the Rampart Library District, made up of Woodland Park Public Library and Florissant Public Library, offers many fun and informational events. Activities such as story time for children and classes offered for people seeking to better understand Microsoft Office, or how to make a stunning power point. Over the summer, the number of these events increases, especially for youth.

Youngsters will have to opportunity to sing with special guests that come, watch puppet shows, and of course story time! In the Young Adults (Y.A.) Room there will be all kinds of crafts and activities for teens as well.

The kids will not be the only ones having fun at the library this summer. For adults the library is partnering with the local Ute Pass Brewery to focus on the ever popular topic of beer and home-brewing.

Collective Development and Youth Services Librarian Kristen Baldwin shed some light on this year’s reading challenge, which is offered for all ages: children, teens, and adults. She stated simply, “Read books, get prizes!” The theme of this year’s reading challenge is STEM, an acronym for science, technology, engineering, and math. To sign up, there will be designated computers in the library, or you can go online to

The RLD website also provides a calendar with specifics for all of the events of the summer.

So look at the luminescent clock spearing from the top of the library, and remember, there is always time to read. Find a good book this summer, win some prizes, and learn something new.