A Closer Look at Mr. Royer


Michelle Narain, Reporter

  Robert Royer is one of Woodland Park High School’s incredible teachers.  Mr.Royer has only been a teacher at WPHS for two years, but in that short amount of time he has already made a major impact on his students.  While Mr.Royer has been here he has coached football as well as taught Biology, Earth Sciences and, his favorite, Chemistry.  Before Mr.Royer’s time here, his father Jim Royer taught here in the late 60’s and was the head football coach.

Mr. Royer has enlightened students all over the country. He said, “I’ve taught in Michigan, Summit County and multiple schools in Texas.” Some of the highlights of his teaching career include receiving an award for the “Teacher Who Made a Difference” and the “Most Inspirational” award from Frankston High School in Frankston, Texas.  Mr. Royer loves being a teacher. His favorite part of his job is “getting to know the kids, making a lifelong friendship with them, and seeing when they have that light bulb moment.” Mr. Royer also added, “Making that connection with students lasts past high school”. He is still in touch with many of his students from other states.  Teaching and building relationships with students is just one thing Mr. Royer enjoys. His dedication for students shows through in his love for fly-fishing.

One of Mr.Royer’s current students, Mackenzie Burgess, says “Chemistry wouldn’t have come as easy to me if it wouldn’t have been for Mr.Royer.” She also added, “along with being a great teacher he’s devoted to his students and that’s a quality that’s hard to find in teachers.”  Micaela Davidson, a junior, says “For the two years I’ve had him it wasn’t like having a new teacher come in and try to adjust to us or impress us. It was him being comfortable with us and being our friend. He never cared about himself looking good; he cared about us understanding whatever it was we were learning.”

Mr. Royer is a passionate teacher who contributes to our school in more ways than one. Mr. Royer and Dr. Royer will be hosting Mr. Panther (date to be determined) together. Mr.Royer says he is, “excited to be a part of it and is looking forward to making it as fun as possible.”  Mr. Royer’s devotion to Woodland Park High School and its students is astounding and what he has taught to his students can be applied beyond the classroom.