Winter Formal

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Michelle Narain, Reporter

This year’s winter formal is an Amazon Adventure Sadie Hawkins dance. In previous years, the winter formal has always been Sadie Hawkins, but this year it is being publicized as one and girls are being encouraged to ask the guys. The Amazon theme is Student Council’s unique idea. This year, for Winter Formal Student Council members will be transforming our gym and creating memories you will want to be a part of.

The Sadie Hawkins dance is named after the Li’l Abner comic strip character Sadie Hawkins. In the cartoon, they would have Sadie Hawkins day in the month of November. The single women of Dogpatch would chase the bachelors and marry whoever they caught. This concept was made into dances where the women would ask a man of her choosing to accompany her.

The hard working members of Student Council organize and put together our dances each year. Student Council members decide everything from the theme to the music, and even what types of decorations to use. Student Council puts a lot of hard work into the dance and is responsible for “contacting people, getting chaperons, printing the tickets, selling the tickets, and getting approval on everything from administration,” Michaele McDonough , a senior and the Executive President of Student Council, added. Student Council members decide on the theme by, “having a group discussion and choosing by popular vote,” said Michaele.

They chose the theme because they “could do a lot with the jungle theme to make the gym look cool,” Michaele said. Some of the decorations Michaele said to expect to see are “a lot of different plants and a crashed plane that was made by Jake Morgan.” As far as the music, Student Council members Max Enger and Mackenzie Burgess will be in charge of the musical selection for the dance.

While some people are not thrilled with the idea of the dance being Sadie Hawkins, because they do not think girls should be the ones asking out guys, Michaele thinks it is a good idea. Michaele said,” I’m alright with it. I think it empowers the women!” This Winter Formal is sure to be one you will want to attend. Winter Formal is the perfect opportunity to ask a guy you like or just hang out with friends. You will want to be a part of this memorable night, so bring a few friends to the high school this Saturday night ( February 8th  from 8pm -11 pm in the North Gym) and enjoy the dance.