Mountain Acoustic Music Association


Stacey Warren, Reporter

Mountain Acoustic Music Association (MAMA)  is a program for aspiring musicians to get their sea-legs in the musical arts. Those interested in performing are asked to submit a request to the MAMA website explaining their music style, how many people they can bring to their performance, and must provide a link to their previous work. It is a relatively simple process, allowing many different varieties of people and music styles to perform in Woodland Park’s well-known Ute Pass Cultural Center.

“The goal is to make sure that acoustic music is well represented and encouraged in our community,” stated Darren Thornberry, Media Officer of MAMA.

A quote from their Facebook page explains it all; “The Mountain Acoustic Music Association exists to promote and encourage acoustic music in all its forms, to provide performance outlets and workshops for amateur musicians, to highlight the best acoustic music that we can find, and have a lot of fun doing it!”

Thornberry proudly states, over the past fifteen  years since MAMA was created, “hundreds and hundreds of people have performed on our stage.” In addition to concerts every year, they host a weekly acoustic music jam at the Senior Center. Guests are invited to bring sheet music and instruments to perform together.

Their yearly Acoustic Idol songwriting competition is yet another aspect of Mountain Acoustic. The event is similar to the popular TV series, “American Idol”. Artists compete with their voices and instruments to become number one in the contest. There are two divisions, the adult division and the youth division. The winners of each division are featured on the program’s website with a picture and an article about them. The artists are judged on “creativity, stage presence, instrumental and vocal skill, and audience feedback.” Through these multiple performance opportunities, MAMA has seen all sorts of varieties of people and music.

The winners of the 2013 Acoustic Idol contest were Elle Reese for the youth division and Dusty Hughes for the adult division.

You can get involved by going to or visit their Facebook page to sign up for a performance time. You can also volunteer your helping hands at events and donate money to help them thrive.