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Amanda Miller, Reporter

The last place a high school student would want to return to after they have graduated is, well, high school. Students spend four years of their lives there and by the time they are seniors, all they want is to leave and never look back. Some people do end up back at high school though, as teachers, custodians and office administration. Jordan Buss, a Woodland Park High School graduate of 2010, was one of those people; except, instead of obtaining a teaching or even office job at Cripple Creek / Victor High School, he started coaching.

Like a lot of kids fresh out of high school, Buss went to college after he graduated, and like a great deal of people, he decided it just was not for him at the time. So he began coaching both football and basketball for Cripple Creek / Victor High School.

“My first love was sports, so I figured I would try to get on helping a team somewhere. It ended up going much better than I ever thought it would.” explained Buss.

When he was in high school, Buss wanted to follow the dream of the typical, all American teenage boy and play college ball for CSU Fort Collins. He was involved in numerous athletics like football, baseball, and track, as well as athletic related classes and activities like weight lifting and sports marketing. “I was all about sports in high school.” Recalls Buss.

“I never thought in a million years that I would be a coach, but now I’ve found it’s such an amazing job.”

Buss and his boys’ basketball team recently got to celebrate an impressive win against The Colorado Springs school, the score turning out 61 – 47. It was the first win for Cripple Creek / Victor this season, putting them at 1-3 for the season so far.

His dreams might not have been as big as some, but Buss, a WPHS graduate, has proved that despite the pressure put on students to go to college, you don’t always have to give in, you can do something you love and it can be just as rewarding.