Connection to the Community

Connection to the Community

Michelle Narain, Reporter

The small town of Woodland Park is close knit community with a high priority of community involvement. Each individual school in the Woodland Park School District does its part in bringing the community together. Woodland Park High School does this in many ways such as: opening our building in times of emergencies, helping less fortunate families in the community with food drives and fundraisers, and allowing local clubs and organizations to use our facilities.

In times of emergency, such as a fire, our high school serves as Red Cross Shelter for those in the community. Mrs. Roulette added, “As necessary, our School Board is very generous in opening our doors to the community when in need.” Mr. Garrick also explained, “We help shelter emergency workers and residents.” During an emergency our school welcomes anyone in need with open arms. Woodland Park High School houses and helps everyone from citizens to tired firemen and do not turn anyone away. During the Waldo Canyon Fire we had residents using the school as a shelter and firefighters were here using the showers and given the space to reenergize.

Woodland Park High School (WPHS) also has clubs that organize food drives and fundraisers for the community. Student Council (STUCO), Key Club and Beta Club all help to put on annual food drives to provide families in the community with a variety of necessities. WPHS also does service projects like Angel Tree, toy drives, and trash pick-ups. The Angel Tree is put on to provide the children of families that are struggling with a heartfelt gift for Christmas. Students can pick out an angel from the tree, and buy a gift specific to the gender and age of the child. Through the toy drives STUCO collects slightly used and new toys for kids in the community. The annual trash pick-up is done by members of Beta Club and Key Club. These members are given specific areas in need of some cleaning up and they go to work making our community cleaner and feel more inviting.

Woodland Park High School also shares our building with multiple clubs and organizations from time to time. Principal Garrick shared his knowledge saying, “There are too many organizations to list. However, we have helped the Teller County Sheriff’s Department, Teller County Search and Rescue, Boy Scouts, and TCRAS(Teller County Regional Animal Shelter), just to name a few.” Mrs. Roulette added, “Woodland Park  Parks & Recreation, Lions Club, and Colorado Springs Children’s Chorale.” Mrs. Roulette also explained the details and process of using our facility, “Community nonprofit organizations pay a discounted rate. School sponsored events are the only free rentals. Anyone wanting to use any district facility has to complete a Facility Use Application for approval and provide a certificate of Liability Insurance with a one Million dollar limits naming WPSD as the certificate holder.”

Community involvement and support is one of the highest priorities in our school. Woodland Park High School strives to offer help to those who need it.  Service projects and food drives shows students the reality that the people in our community depend upon our help. They could be a neighbor or even a close friend in school who benefits from the products of the high school’s assistance. Our high school always strives to help those in the community and will never stop doing so.