Winner of The Art Contest


Amanda Miller, Reporter

Recently the Woodland Park High School Journalism Class hosted an art competition. We received many wonderful entries, and we are proud to announce our winner. Congratulations to Sophia Rossi on her untitled entry!

“[It] challenges people’s ideas about what art is.” Mrs. Orellana responded when asked about her former student’s artwork, and right she was. It isn’t a traditional art piece, the themes are dark and the style is very raw. It is far from the pretty still life and landscapes that most people are probably used to seeing. Everything from her teeth, to the long tears in the character’s cheeks permits the matter of what the drawing is really about open to interpretation from its audience. “It evoked a wide variety of responses from students.” Mrs. Orellana concluded.

The piece started as an art project in Mrs. Orellana’s art class for a portraiture unit. The idea however, came from a friend who had shown Sophia a painting of a similar concept. She was not originally going to include some of the components of the original in her rendering, “but Mrs. Orellana pushed me to  go farther.” Sophia commented about the process.

“She pushed the boundaries to what was comfortable and reached beyond what her original idea was to make it stronger.” Said Mrs. Orellana about the piece. “I remember she was really nervous about the background. It was so rough and raw.”

Mrs. Ray, another WPHS art teacher who has never taught Rossi, so she was able to provide an honest, unbiased opinion on the piece. “It’s well done with interesting line quality and kind of crosses the genres of anime and zombie pop culture.” Mrs. Ray noted.