No Shave November


Courtesy of GoogleI Images

Michelle Narain, Reporter

The tradition of No Shave November can be dated back to the times of the great philosophers Plato and Aristotle. Plato and Aristotle believed that students must grow out their beards in order to be seen as equal with their teachers. They put aside a time each year where students were not to shave in order to grow out their beards properly. Another German philosopher from the 1800s, Karl Marx, encouraged working class men to grow beards in opposition to their bosses who preferred them to be shaven. However, modern-day beard-growing did not become a large movement until 1999. A group of young men in South Australia created the term “Movember” and grew their mustaches out each November for charity. In 2004 an unrelated group from Melbourne formed the Movember Foundation. This foundation has raised money and awareness for male prostate cancer foundations, as well as mental health foundations. The Movember Foundation helped get its start by the Prostate Cancer Foundation and the Livestrong Foundation based in the United States.

Interviews with some of Woodland Park High School’s students revealed what people today think of the tradition. When Juniors, Abbey Worlton and Claire Williams were asked if they were doing No Shave November they both quickly answered, “No,” however Abbey said she did know people committed to doing it. When asked what they think is the purpose of this tradition Claire answered simply, “to support cancer”, and Abbey answered, “to appreciate what you have, like cancer patients don’t have hair and I think that helps you appreciate what you have in a way.” Nic Kilde, another WP junior, is participating in No Shave November.  Nic is committed to the tradition; he has done it before and plans on continuing to participate in it.  When questioned on why and how he is doing it he answered, “ to support prostate cancer by growing out my chin hair.”

No Shave November is a tradition many have committed to over the years. This annual tradition is for both guys and girls who wish to show their support and dedication to a special cause.  Numerous amounts of people all over the world participate in this custom. It is an empowering and fun way to show you support for cancer awareness. Put down your razor and join the movement today!