Woodland Park High School Takes on the Reading Challenge


Michelle Narain, Editor

Recently, Woodland Park High School has taken on the challenge to get more kids reading in a fun and exciting way. Woodland Park High School is introducing the Reading Challenge. This event encourages students to go past their comfort zone, get interested in books, and increase their reading ability.

Students may automatically think that there is no point in trying to read a bunch of books. Well, when going further into the facts it was discovered why many have decided to take on the task. Mrs. Strain (the high school librarian) explained, “There are prizes each time you read a certain number of books. For example, after you read five books you get a free coffee, latte, tea or hot chocolate. After you read more books, we have prizes like books, t-shirts, and gift certificates to businesses in the community like Burger King and Gold Hill Theater.”

Students might be worried that they will lose interest fast or run out of exciting things to read, but never fear! Mrs. Strain said, “I’m constantly buying new books that students have requested and shopping around for books students tend to be interested in.” Mrs. Strain is also available to recommend some great books that suit each individuals interests.

The book goal for each student is to reach 25 books by mid-May. Students who reach this objective will receive a gift card for their choice of store; some examples of available gift cards will be for iTunes and Amazon. Whoever reads the most books in the entire school will also receive a Kindle, an eBook reader, it is a small tablet and its main purpose is for storing books. A Kindle is like a small tablet that’s main purpose is to store books on and use for personal enjoyment. Not everyone loves reading, but who does not loves prizes? This challenge is a great way to get some cool prizes and raise your reading ability.

Mrs.Strain explained the importance of reading and this challenge when she said, “It’s a great way to get kids reading for fun. They have to read for class all the time, but this is a way to get them interested in books and see that it can be fun. And studies show reading can increase test scores and overall grades.”

Reading is a great way to escape from the everyday drama and get lost in another world. When you find a book you like it can take you on an adventure, find a true love, or even save the world.  Expand your imagination and pick up a book from our library today to get reading.