Halloween Fun


Michelle Narain, Reporter

            Treat Street is a fun family event that invites community members of all ages to join in on the fun. Treat Street was a tradition brought to WPHS by Mr.Danny Makris and Mr.Jeff Courtier. Makris and Courtier were Student Council sponsors and thought this would be a good project for Student Council, and a good thing for the community. They heard about Treat Street from a school in Colorado Springs and were very interested in the event. Student Council was also very interested about taking on this new challenge.

“Student Council members would dress up, give out candy, help direct people, and clean up afterwards” Makris explained.

When Treat Street started there were not very many people attending, but the hard working members still put just as much hard work into the event.

Makris said, “We made some changes to their (the school in Colorado Springs) tradition. We let the children come through and we’d have each door decorated and they’d vote on the best one. We also had hot chocolate and cookies set up in the commons for everyone there.”

Over the years the tradition of Treat Street has grown and evolved. Hundreds of kids are to be exploring our halls this year. Our school has expanded the number of people attending and helping, provided more candy, and increased the fun each year. Mr.Makris came to Treat Street a few years ago with his grandkids and still is a strong supporter of the tradition.

Treat Street is fun for community members of all ages. Mrs. Foster has been involved in helping with Treat Street and describes it as, “a social event that has grown over the years, is great for the community, and is a safe place for the kids to come and have fun.”

This event is a great event for family entertainment. It provides an exciting environment for the kids and a place where parents do not have to worry about their kids. This year Treat Street will be held on October 30 from 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm and will include a variety of games, a cake walk and, of course, trick or treating. Our haunted house will also be up and running at 6:30 pm for older kids to enjoy! Bring your family and friends to take part in this joyous event and have a Happy Halloween!