Panthers on Parade!


Senior Sam Woods and dog, pictured left, watch the parade from the sidewalk in front of the local Starbucks.

Amy Patterson, Reporter

Alumna Beth Woods had a spring in her step last Wednesday. Her eyes shone as brightly as her smile as she greeted fellow residents of Woodland Park, each of which was dressed in green, white, and black, in a collective show of support for Panthers from every corner of town. She made sure to give a hug to every high school friend she had left behind upon graduation last year. Panther love is forever.

“My favorite part of the parade is getting to see people,” said Beth jovially. “I get to talk to people in the community that I usually don’t get to see. This is where everybody comes in and pulls together and it’s awesome! Not to mention a great party,” she grinned.

Among the organizations represented from WPHS were Soccer, Marching Band, Color Guard, Football, and Cheer; along with Woodland Park Police Department, Woodland Park Fire Department, the Odyssey Choir, Columbine Elementary, and yes, even The Panther Perspective, to just name a fraction of the participants. Floats featured a range of decors from traditional black, green, and white, to Hawaiian themed party cars, coinciding with this year’s Homecoming theme, Hawaiian Vacation.

“The best float by far was from Columbine Elementary,” remarked Beth, reflecting on the numerous Homecoming Parades she has attended in the past. “For elementary school students, flashing lights and smoke is pretty impressive.”

One float even featured a camel with the caption, “GUESS WHAT DAY IT IS?” plastered on its side, a reference to a popular Geico commercial. Another float had two boys standing on skateboards trailing behind it, a similar scene to Marty McFly’s exciting ride in Back to the Future.

Grown men melted into toddlers at the sight of candy tossed from passing vehicles. “Hey,” a man sitting on the sidewalk in front of The PC Shop bellowed, “I want some candy over here!” With childlike glee, he lifted his hands above his head in preparation for sweet flying bits, catching them with remarkable accuracy. His dog, one of hundreds of canine friends in attendance, laid patiently by his feet with eager eyes.

A considerable portion of attendees over ten were observed handing goodies to younger children, who were disadvantaged when it came to catching airborne candies. This refreshing display of community integrity demonstrated the true spirit of Woodland Park.

The parade ran from approximately 6:30 PM to 7:30 PM, at which time the bonfire began. For more information about Homecoming activities, including the bonfire, return to The Panther Perspective shortly.