Homecoming Luau

Ali Horton and Whitney Davidson

Ali Horton and Whitney Davidson

Micaela Davidson, Editor

On a Hawaiian vacation is probably where we all would like to have been, but a Hawaiian themed dance was most likely the closest a majority of us could get for a while. “Hawaiian Vacation” was this year’s Homecoming theme, and it carried beautifully into the decorations for the 2013 Homecoming dance.

The main hallway and gymnasium at WPHS were transformed into a tropical masterpiece put together by our hard working STUCO representatives. The centerpiece of the gym was a giant volcano, complete with red flashing lights.

Senior Whitney Davidson marveled about the decoration, saying “I thought it was really interesting! The decorations stuck to the theme and I even saw some people dressed in Hawaiian clothes, which I thought was cool.”

Jonathan Allen, a junior at WPHS also had good things to say about the theme. “I thought it was creative. I especially liked the volcano in the gym. It wasn’t over the top, but it had enough substance to be cool.”

The adjective “cool” seemed to be the word of choice to describe the dance decorations, even freshman Hannah Hobson used. However, sophomore Lucas Leigh used it in a different form.

“I liked the theme. In a cool environment it made me feel warm.”

This year’s homecoming was a first for a quarter of the student body, the freshmen, Hannah Hobson being one of them. When asked if it was a good first homecoming she smiled, “Yeah, it was fun, pretty much everything I expected.”

On the opposite end of the freshmen are the seniors who were attending their final homecoming dance as high school students. Whitney said that it was a good last homecoming dance for her. She remarked, “The music was really good, and I had a fun group to hang out with. Overall it was a great dance!”

For Jonathan and Lucas, they still have a few more dances ahead of them, but they both spoke about how the music was good, much like Whitney. Jonathan said “The DJ knew what he was doing.” Also similar to what Whitney had to say, he commented on enjoying it more, because of the group he went with.

Lucas talked about how his opinion of the dance has changed from last year, sighing, “I felt more comfortable just because it’s easier when you are older. It makes it less awkward. Now it was more fun.”

“It really has become more fun,” Whitney explained, “As I’ve gotten older, I’ve noticed more people danced and less people just stood around, and when everyone dances it’s so much more fun!”

What Hannah had to say only added to Whitney’s point, “ I think the most fun part was just hanging out and crazy dancing with my friends.”

Finally, Whitney offered some great advice for the underclassmen and upcoming freshmen “Take it lightly! Don’t worry too much about dates, who you’re going to dance with, or friend drama. Just go and have fun and it’ll be a great dance! Homecoming dances are great, and you only get four of them.”

“In my opinion it was a big success.” Jonathan concluded.