Cake, Community and Catching Up


Alumni Tea guest sign in.

Ashleigh Hollowell, Editor

The Alumni Tea is an annual event held the evening of the Homecoming football game, sponsored by members of the high school’s National Honor Society club. It is an event held to welcome back former Woodland Park High School alumni and give them a place to catch up, eat delicious treats, and reminisce with friends they may not have seen in a number of years.

“There is a sense of community at our games, which is one of the reasons I wanted my children to be a part of this district, and the Alumni Tea is just one of the examples of that.”  commented Mrs. Stone, one of the National Honor Society’s co-sponsors. “Nothing is more exciting to me as a sponsor than seeing people who grew up as Panthers return to cheer our current team on.”

Each year the turnout is different depending on schedules, weather and various circumstances. “Some are recent graduates and I enjoy talking with them about their current lives. Others are parents of current Panthers. Some of our staff are also alumni so it is great to see them with their families.” remarked Stone.

This year the turnout was smaller than in previous years, partly due to the bone chilling twenty nine degree weather conditions.  Those that did come out enjoyed themselves thoroughly catching up with old friends and munching on the multitude of snacks and treats brought by the National Honor Society members.

Alumna, Cassandra (Polly) Slaven, who graduated in 2011, attended her very first Alumni Tea this year. She had not previously heard of the event at all until Homecoming night. “I hope people take away more friendships and strengthen old ones from coming to this event.” she smiled. “I love being alumni of a small town, because of the community. It makes me more willing to return.  Everyone knows everyone.”  Slaven continued the rest of her evening by sharing stories and laughing with old friends.

Also in attendance was alumna, Christy Brown, who graduated in 1996. No stranger to Alumni Teas or to the Woodland Park School District, Brown has been to thirteen teas and attended Woodland Park schools from the first grade up until she graduated.  “It’s tradition, getting back to see the team and getting back to home.” Brown grinned. “I would say the best part is reminiscing. Getting together and getting a sense of home pride to bring us back together as a community is important.”

For the newcomers and those from our past, the Alumni Tea conveys the unerring spirit of tradition to the Homecoming Week to everyone who attends. This event will undoubtedly continue to bring more Woodland Park alumni together in the future.