Spirit Week

Photograph taken by reporter, Jessica Burton

Photograph taken by reporter, Jessica Burton

Michelle Narain, Reporter

The moment we have all been waiting for is finally here! Homecoming week, a time to dress up how we please and express our school spirit. This year, our spirit days are Pajama, Hawaiian, spirit, character, and class clash day. Other exciting events happening this week include two assemblies, a parade, bonfire, the Homecoming game, and of course the dance.

When interviewing some of Woodland Park High School’students, they were asked the following questions: What was your favorite spirit day? What is your favorite part of spirit week? Did you dress up each day? Are you going to the game?

Jenna Livingston exclaimed her favorite spirit day is Hawaiian day, and when asked why she said, “Why not?! It’s colorful and fun.” Jenna’s favorite part of spirit week is “(the) assemblies, because we get out of class”. Jenna also planned her outfits for each for each day and is showing her school spirit by going to our Homecoming game.

Kelsie Carter was another student who expressed her opinion on Homecoming week. Kelsie’s favorite spirit day is, “Pajama Day because it’s comfy.” When questioned about her favorite part of spirit week she agreed with Jenna Livingston that the assemblies were the best.  Kelsie will be at the game not as a supporting cheerleader and looks forward to the big game.

When interviewing Mackenzie Burgess about her favorite spirit day she said, “All of them because I like to be involved and show off spirit.” Mackenzie also explained to me, “My favorite part of spirit week is the parade and bonfire, because they make memories.” She also dressed up for each spirit day, because she is involved in student council. Mackenzie also plans on showing her panther pride by going to the game.

Our school is full of spirit and Homecoming week is the time we get to express it the most. Homecoming week is a tradition that many cherish and a time to make memories.