Hurried and Healthy

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Ashleigh Hollowell, Editor

Each day, students receive a forty minute lunch period. For the upperclassmen who go off campus this often means roughly ten minutes to get out to your car, five minutes to drive and choose a place to eat; ten minutes to order and wait to pay for your food, ten minutes to drive back to the school and get inside to sit down; five minutes to eat. With such a demanding rush, it is necessary to choose a place that will get your food out to you fast, like a ‘fast food’ restaurant. However, with such a restricted time limit ‘healthy choices’ often get tossed to the bottom of the list and are replaced by the tastiest items. Now, these healthy and tasty items do exist, but unfortunately there is hardly enough time to enjoy your lunch anyways, and certainly not enough time to spend reading nutrition menus as well. Here are some tips to a hurried and healthy lunch.

Woodland Park has five main fast food restaurants: Burger King, McDonalds, Taco Bell, Wendy’s and Sonic. The common assumption would be that the healthiest meal to get at each of these places would be either a salad or a sandwich wrap; however, that assumption would be false.  Hardly any of the meals with the lowest calories and calories from fat at each restaurant are salads or sandwich wraps. Burger King’s lowest calorie and lowest fat item is the Kid’s Oatmeal with a 170 calories and only 35g from fat. McDonald’s lowest calorie and lowest fat item is a regular Hamburger which adds up to 250 calories and only 9g from fat. Taco Bell’s lowest calorie and fat item is a Chicken Soft Taco with 160 calories and 50g from fat. Wendy’s lowest calorie and fat item is a small chili with 190 calories and only 6g from fat. Last, but not least, Sonic’s lowest calorie and fat item is the grilled chicken wrap with 380 calories and only 11g from fat.

Next time you are out to lunch and do not have very much time, try one of these items. With the knowledge of the healthiest fast food items around town, you will be able to maximize both your eating time as well as your nutrition.