Transitioning Once Again

Adri DeJoy, Reporter

As this school year comes to a close here at Woodland Park High School, we are again preparing to watch the current senior class graduate and another class moves up into high school as freshmen. For many of us, making the transition from middle school to high school is frightening and scary, but also exciting and fun. For two Woodland Park Middle School eight graders, Kelly Marolf and Jake Matthews, it is something they feel bittersweet about.

As they near the end of their middle school career, each of them expressed a great deal of emotion on the matter with Matthews saying, “It has been a tough, but necessary step in maturity to be ready for high school.” Marolf also mentioned how her move to Woodland Park was made easier by becoming a part of our school district, “Middle school has been a good transition for me and now in eighth grade, I don’t feel homesick anymore!” she explained.

Both Marolf and Matthews are looking forward to growing older and becoming high school freshmen. Matthews and Marolf also stated how excited they were to be a become a part of the athletic program here at WPHS: Matthews can be seen next fall marching with our own Pride of the Park Marching Band, and Marolf hopes to be scoring points for our girls’ basketball and softball teams next year.

As exciting as this time of the year is with their eighth grade formal dance, both also shared what they are nervous about for their freshman year, “I am nervous about the work load I will have next year,” Matthews said. Marolf was also nervous about the academic aspect of high school saying, “I’m nervous about not understanding math and being confused next year.”

Although they are nervous for what awaits them, both Marolf and Matthews are excited to become high school students. Transitioning from school to school is never easy, but with their future involvement in WPHS athletics and academic excellence, Jake Matthews and Kelly Marolf are sure to set a great example for the rest of their class during their transition into high school.