Gateway Wears White


Madeleine Cox, Reporter

“Friendly. Kind. Caring. Gateway.”

Those are the words that were held up on posters by Gateway Elementary students at the Day Without Hate Assembly which was held on April 25, 2013. This day was inspired by a group of students and teachers at Standley Lake High School a few years back to end school violence. Gateway was proud to take part in this nationwide event.

During the assembly, students participated in the singing of the song “Lean On Me.” Those words were perfect for honoring the “Day Without Hate,” showing how everyone should respect others and be nice to their friends. Everyone listened quietly to what Officer Glen Jardon had to say about treating people right and how to be a good citizen. “Respect yourself, respect others, and respect your school.” Those words were not only said by Officer Glen Jardon, but were also hanging on the walls of the gym, reminding everyone what it means to be a good citizen.

Throughout the day, students were inspired to treat each other better.  Many students wrote down a “promise” they would have in honor of that day. These were hung on the fence outside of the school. Chad wrote, “I will be a good friend tomorrow, and not bully or call names, and help someone in need.” Aaron said, “I won’t be mean to anybody at all.” Chloe wrote, “Respect others by listening to others and playing with people that don’t have any friends.” Even though those were only a few of what the kids said, many promised to treat each other better and respect them.

“Peace is not something you wish for: it’s something you make, something you do, something you are, and something you give away.” –Robert Fulghum

That quote was written on the back of everyone’s shirt, reminding us all how one school can make a difference. Their shirts were also white, to show they are “all in this together.” “A Day Without Hate” has not only helped the students understand a school with no violence, but also able to have the opportunity of a good community to grow in. Hopefully in the years to come, Gateway continues on this tradition for a more safe and fun learning environment. Good job Gateway in achieving the first step in a non-violence community.