Mr. Panther

Adri DeJoy

As Spring is quickly approaching here at Woodland Park High School, there are many new events to attend. Mr. Panther, one of those many fun events, just took place this past week on March 15.

This male pageant was brought to you by the Panther Youth Community Service club, also known as, PYCS. PYCS is run by Mrs. Gustafson and the members include students of all ages at WPHS. Participating in the pageant were our male contestants who were nominated by fellow peers and classmates. Competing this weekend were eleven boys from WPHS, Jason Kekich, Logan McMurty, Max Enger, Daniel Corbett, Austin Hunt, Dakota Miller, Jon Wagner, Jayson Brown, Alex Utter, Mickey Hartley, and Riley Youngman.

Each contestant of Mr. Panther competed in three main categories, best dressed, swimsuit, and talent. During intermission, the audience then used spare change to vote for the Mr. Congeniality title.

After watching each contestant’s amazing talent acts, the judges were ready to start thinking about who they would choose for Mr. Panther. “It was a hard decision, but one guy stood out to me in particular, and that is who I voted for!”, stated judge Kristina Lee from Palmer High School in Colorado Springs.

Once we learned who the judges had chosen as the top final five contestants, we listened to them compete in a question and answer round. The guys had very unique and creative answers when each was asked a funny question and a serious question. After that, we waited while the judges’s scores were tallied up.

Our lovely hosts of the evening, Mrs. Vergenz and Mr. Levassiur as well as some other entertaining performers from WPHS did their best to stall with jokes and keep the audience captivated as they eagerly waited to hear who would be announced Mr. Panther 2013.

Shortly after the judges made their final decision, the contestants returned to the stage, each with a red rose and chocolate bar in hand, compliments of City Market Floral Department. Everyone in the auditorium was at the edge of their seats, excited to know who had won.

Alex Utter was announced as Mr. Congeniality; the audience loudly clapped and cheered as he came to the front of the stage to accept his sash.

To conclude the evening, we learned that Mickey Hartley had been chosen by the judges to be Mr. Panther 2013. As he was adorned with his sash, top hat, and cane, the audience cheered, and balloons fell down from the ceiling in a wondrous celebration. He was so grateful to be chosen and said with a grin on his face, “It’s an honor!”

PYCS members were happy to announce that they had raised over one thousand dollars to be donated ot the charities of the night. The audience laughed, cheered, clapped, and were happy to know that this was all for a great cause. It was an amazing night here at Woodland Park High School, and surely a night our contestants won’t ever forget!