Winter Formal 2013

Stacey Warren

Snow whirled down just in time to add a true “wintery” feeling to the Winter Formal dance on Saturday, February 9th.  However, this did not discourage the Woodland Park High School student body from dressing up in their best attire to attend the dance.

The North Gym was lined with hay and lights, all of which were set up in the eight hours Student Council utilized before the “Spurs and Skirts” themed dance. “The hall had like a cowboy theme, it was weird!” exclaimed Brian Warren, a senior. Why was there a “cowboy theme?” This was a question many students were asking.

When confronted with this same question, Student Council member Mackenzie Burgess explained, “As a class we voted on the theme we wanted for the Winter Formal and we voted on a barn dance.” This decision was then turned over to the Treasurers to figure out a good name, thus “Spurs and Skirts.”

Lasting from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m., students danced the night away with Student Council’s Executive Treasurer Austin Russell as the D.J.

In comparison to the Homecoming Dance, Winter Formal is noticeably less popular.  Burgess told the likely reason why. “Homecoming is a more advertised dance with Homecoming Week, Homecoming Game, etc. – the Homecoming Dance is a tradition that most everyone attends.” Winter Formal is advertised a lot with the posters hanging around the school, announcements, and gossip about it, but for some reason, it doesn’t appeal to kids the same way that Homecoming does.

Nicole Miller, sophomore, thought she had an idea. “It’s usually ‘girls ask guys’ that scares people off.” It could be the thought of Sadie Hawkins that plays a role in the decreased number of students to attend Winter Formal as opposed to Homecoming.

Mackenzie Bond agrees with this statement by saying, “I guess girls aren’t used to the idea, but it can be fun every once in a while!”

Jenna Smith had a different suggestion, claiming the theme was not alluring and more people would attend if the theme were more centered on winter. “I think if it had a more ‘wintery’ feeling, I would probably go.”

At 11p.m., the last song was played and the lights were switched on. Student C-Council, along with the help of their many volunteers, band together to rip down all the paper, sweep up the hay, pick up the tarp;  all of this is done in about two hours or less.

“My date is what made the night awesome,” Warren expressed with a smile.

Bond went on to say that being able to hang out with friends and dance was her favorite part.  Date or not, the overall feeling of the students who attended was positive. The second dance of the school year was a hit.