Why Do We Elect?

Why Do We Elect?

Micaela Davidson, Section Editor

Last Friday, all the freshmen, sophomores, and juniors traveled to the main gym to vote and see next year’s potential executive officers in the Student Council. Everyone cast their ballots for the Executive Secretary and listened to the rest of the candidates give quick and informative speeches, as they were running unopposed. So why do we have another election to attend this Friday?

These upcoming elections are our Class Elections. What’s the difference? Well there are a few. The executive elections help us choose, and see who is going to be in charge for the next school year. The Student Council is split up into different committees: presidents, vice presidents, secretaries, treasurers, and historians. The executives head up each committee. These committees consist of all of the class officers and the representatives that are broken and up and assigned to these groups after the elections.

All five of these committees are in charge of a few different things that go on throughout the year. The presidents oversee everything. They also put together the annual bonfire and the Homecoming BBQ lunch. The vice presidents are responsible for the assemblies, spirit weeks, and the Powder Puff football game. Drive Smart week, the Homecoming parade, the Homecoming halftime show, and the Peach Fuzz volleyball game are all organized by the secretaries. Our dances are in the hands of the treasurers, as well as all of the money management. Finally, the historians document all of these events as well as other sports and activities, and put together the spirit videos shown at assemblies.

We have the feature of these students involvement in STUCO in our hands. Although the current sophomore class is the only class that has two candidates running for the same positions and will be the only one’s voting this Friday, it is still important to pay attention and see who will be making the 2013-2014 school year magnificent.