School Security Measures?

School Security Measures?

Madeline Cox and Richard Carriker

The question currently in the news is what to do about the recent rise of shootings at schools. Three questions were posed to six members of the Woodland Park High school community. We interviewed both staff and students and found a variety of answers to our three questions. The questions were as follows:

1)      Do you believe that violence in schools will increase in the next few years?

2)      What security measures, if any, should be taken at schools?

3)      Do you agree or disagree with the proposition to allow teachers to conceal carry in the classroom?

For our first question, we had answers on all sides.  Of the seven people we interviewed, we found that only two people believe that school violence will not increase.  Among the responses that talked of an increase in school violence, some blamed the media. Other people speculated that it would evolve into more cyber bullying.

For security measures, a few things were mentioned. Among those were metal detectors, allowing certified military staff to carry and that an armed guard should be hired for school protection. This was echoed by many, but not all approved of this. One student believes that no security measures should be taken.

The third and final question brought up many mixed feelings over an already hot topic. Of the three students who were interviewed, one believed it should be so and the others vied for a licensed individual, held to new restrictions. The staff was resistant on the other hand, with one teacher commenting that they could not pull the trigger and others saying it would be a double edged sword.

With these opinions in place, it remains to be seen where the pieces will fall and what will come of this controversial proposition.