Stacey Warren and Micaela Davidson

Every day at school we answer questions relating to science, history, math, and English with ease. The real challenge comes when faced with questions about ourselves. How are you is an effortless question that can be easily answered with one simple word, however we set out to the streets to ask the real questions. The ones that make you ponder.

The first question we asked seemed to pose the biggest challenge; in regards to a person’s character, who/what is your favorite type of person? Answers varied greatly, from “Umm… energetic people,”  to the ever popular, “My dad.” Kayla Ibarra answered a little differently, however, with a long list of good qualities such as a good sense of humor, kindness, understanding, a good listener, and someone that will always be there and never give up.

The next question we challenged the random passer-bys seemed to be equally as tricky to answer, probably because our school is filled with so many humble students. What kind of person do you think you are? Every interviewee paused for a moment to consider.

“I guess I’m a nice and caring person,” blushed Jenna Smith.

“I’m pretty mellow and laid back,” Brian Cosgriff smiled.

Kayla reverted back to making a list like before, “I’m pretty outgoing. I’m kind, understanding, and easy to get along with… most of the time.”

“I think I’m a good friend and I consider myself energetic as well as musical.” Cassidy Knutzen explained.

After raising questions that seemed to hit the students like lightning, we lightened it up with something people often ask themselves; what kind of person would you like to be?

“Well, I like who I am, but in the future I want to be successful,” Brian laid out simply.

“I want to be a happy person.” Megan Hagney laughed.

Jenna stopped to think, “I would like to be a person who leaves a mark on the world.”

“The kind of person that other people strive to be like,” Kayla answered similar to Jenna.

Cassidy summed it up with one word, “Inspirational.”