CornerStreet Dancers Dreaming of Fame


Adri DeJoy, Reporter

Dance is beautiful sport, whether you’re watching it, choreographing it, or performing it. Although the dancers make it look easy and effortless, countless of hours of preparation and hard work go into just a single performance, making it easy to understand why only a select few make it to the top.

In fact, there happens to be an amazing dance group right here in Woodland Park. They are the Ensemble of the CornerStreet Dance operated and owned by artistic director, Elyse Jett. This performing group is made up of eleven dancers skilled in the dance styles of jazz, contemporary, hip-hop, tap, ballet, and pointe. This team trains and practices on average seven or eight hours each week in order to perfect their routines. They can be seen at their annual Spring and Winter recitals and also at other various events around Teller County. Such events include Christmas in Divide, Kids Fest, the Carnival and Bronk Day parades of Manitou,  the annual fourth of July festivities at Memorial Park, and even Woodland Park High School’s own talent show. As well as those smaller performances, the Ensemble team travels to competition every Spring to compete in the small group category. Last year they placed second, earning a Platinum metal for their contemporary piece and also winning a Creative Prop award for the use of red rose petals throughout the dance.

The studio’s director and Ensemble choreographer, Elyse Jett, couldn’t be happier about her student’s success! She was happy to share with us what she hoped for this season as they enter competition and their annual Spring recital, “We each hope to win of course, but even if we take a lower place, we’ll still always be a close team with an amazing staff and talented performers!”

As they enter competition, each member of CornerStreet’s Ensemble team hopes to win first place.

“We’re all about having fun during competition! But we take pride in producing talented dancers, providing them with skills not only in dance, but also skills that they can apply in life.”, commented Jett when asked what her long term goals were for her dance studio.

Niteal Peterson, CornerStreet’s hip-hop and jazz teacher was also eager to comment, “We’re a small-town studio, with big dreams for the top!”

The Ensemble team certainly does have big dreams for the top! Some of the individual member’s goals include going on to college or university dance teams, and even performing on Broadway. Regardless, and they know that no matter where their dance career takes them, or how lofty their goals may be, that they’ll always have the support of Woodland Park!