The Veggie Villain

Aunt Ida played by Anna Yarger, waiting eagerly with two of the cows played by Clarissa Hickam and Sarah Roulette.

Aunt Ida played by Anna Yarger, waiting eagerly with two of the cows played by Clarissa Hickam and Sarah Roulette.

Madeleine Cox

As February comes around, so does the yearly Woodland Park High School Melodrama. A melodrama is not only a production by the drama team, but the audience can actually interact with the actors and actresses! Talk about a good time. Filled with romance, hilarious scenes, and too many puns to count, the drama department never seems to disappoint us with the melodrama; and The Veggie Villain will be no exception.

“I wanted to be in the melodrama because I really like interacting with the audience,” stated Anna Yarger, who plays Ida Wanna, the heroine’s aunt. Cast members of the melodrama find that this show is one of their favorites to perform, because of the audience interactions.

Many of the performers have participated in other plays and shows in previous years. This show stars our hero Artie Choke, played by Thomas Waddell, and our heroine Mary Nated played by Meghan Groves. Of course, we can’t forget our villain and villainess played by Kris Hernandez and Megan Lunsford.

Meghan Groves, a Woodland Park High School Senior, has also participated in Holder Posey, which was last year’s melodrama, Guy and Dolls, The King and I, Bye Bye Birdie, and many more productions. The shows Hero, Thomas Waddell, performed in this year’s fall musical Guys and Dolls.

The Veggie Villain is directed by Woodland Park High School senior, Elizabeth Robinson. It may be her first year directing, but there isn’t anyone better to do the job than Elizabeth.

“I decided to direct because I haven’t done it before. I’m usually in the cast,” stated by Elizabeth Robinson.  As she is directing this show, Elizabeth plans on also acting in the Spring Musical, Beauty and The Beast. Auditions are happening in the next few weeks, and everyone is encouraged to try out.

This year not only includes the Advanced Drama Class participating, but it was decided that anyone could audition. Even though the Advanced Drama Class isn’t too excited about sharing the stage, when the time comes, all that matters is making the show enjoyable to the community.

The Veggie Villain will be performed on Friday, February 15th at 7:00 PM, and on Saturday February 16th at 1:30 and 7:00 PM in the Woodland Park High School Auditorium. I recommend everyone go see it to have a fun night full of laughs, and help support our drama department. You won’t be sorry!