Zombie Apocalypse

Zombie Apocalypse

Emily Maki and Sydney Richardson

Being amongst natural disasters, planning for power outages, evacuation packs, and evacuation routes crossed everyone’s mind as fires and hurricanes wreaked havoc over the continental United States of America this past summer.

Even when preparing for things that could actually happen, we find the youth of our society planning for, and almost wishing for the Zombie Apocalypse.  Preconceived notions about the catastrophic event are ones of Hollywood inspiration: rotting skin, inhuman abilities, thought process and plans. These are all valid considerations when configuring plans for post apocalyptic life.

To determine how prepared someone would be a series of 3 questions were configured. The first was, “What are three transportable items you would consider a necessity?” Secondarily, interviewees were asked, “Where would be the first you would go and why?” Finally, those surveyed were requested to ponder the most difficult question of all, “Honestly, how long do you believe you would live and why?”

How these questions are answered really does show the thought already put into it, and how one believes everything will happen. Every male questioned said they would bring a gun and ammo, for survival of course. Most others said food and water as well as a knife or a tent. While everyone assumed that societal order would crumble as soon as patient zero hit the streets, one student mentioned how he would “bring money so as to buy more supplies.” Others believed that they would be able to simply walk into the stores and take what they need. Among those questioned, another reply stood out above the rest. Steve Duncanson, Senior, had to factor in his need for insulin so as to keep his diabetes in check. Considering the expiration date of this vital medication skewed his answer.

Females, by contrast, mainly focused on the sentimental things they would need in addition to their desire to keep their world as it once was. Summer Mitchell thought long and hard about her three items and decided on “family, ketchup and socks.” Comforting things which she believed would really just be necessary to feel normal. Kymberly Trutwin had listed Steve Duncanson as a necessity, because, “he has read the Zombie apocalypse guide, and has guns, canned green beans, and a weapon.”

When questioned 9 of 14 people had said the first place they would go is Wal-Mart. Upon hearing this, Kymberly Trutwin exclaimed in exasperation, “You aren’t supposed to go to Wal-Mart! That’s where everyone will be, getting all zombiefied and stuff. Avoid Wal-Mart!” Following Kymberly’s ideas of avoiding the crowded parts of society, Austin Russell gave the nonchalant statement of, “The opposite way of the Zombies.” Spencer Richardson had a slightly wittier reply, taking the slowed brain patterns of the Zombies into account. “Denver International Airport, I can stand at one end of the moving sidewalk with it going away from me, so the zombies are confused and never reach me.”

The gender contrast also existed in sheer attitude. One of our interviewees exclaimed without hesitation, “I’m gonna die with a gun in one hand and a walker in the other, zombies will not get Levi Leonard.” Following the gender pattern, Jack Kilton ensured us that “My heart will beat its last beat because I survived, I will die of old age and disease free body”

In stark contrast, every single girl who was questioned said they would be eaten in a month or less. “I am small and weak, and do not know how to start fire. Plus zombies are sketchy, I would get eaten in a week.” Haley Leonard admitted with a girly giggle. “I would be so stoked if I lived more than three weeks. That would be pro stat. I know I am weak, don’t know how to shoot a gun, and would scream like a weenie at the sight of a zombie.” Kymberly Trutwin exclaimed, falling into an evermore obvious pattern.

Creativity and wit had gone into many of these answers, the end expectation being survival, living life like it once was, or accepting you will most likely be lunch for the once so pleasant milk man. This generation appears to have a zombie obsession, knowing the different kinds, the different procedures, even sadly getting somewhat excited at the mention of a drug that could cause cannibalism. It may be unhealthy, and odd hope for the future of our world, but there is no denying, we are prepared.