What The Heck Is Up With The World Language Hall?


Amy Patterson

Upon arriving to Woodland Park High School on the first day of the 2012-2013 school year, a common question was posed among sophomores, juniors, and seniors: “What the heck is up with the World Language Hall?”

The once brightly lit, winding corridor, replete with student voices and a sea of alien tongues has gone dark. Empty, it awaits the day it will be used once more.

“What happened to the World Language Hall? That’s easy,” says Hannah Gentzel, junior. “Noxious gas was coming out of the bathroom. When the staff investigated, they discovered a dead cow. So they closed it up.” As she says this, she gives a smile.

Robert Ensley, another junior, took an entirely different perspective. “Obviously, that’s where they hold Teacher Fight Club.”

“I’m guessing there was a nuclear holocaust in South America leading to an uprising among fascist children,” voiced Alex Vela. “Now, we imprison them in the World Language Hall!” Vela, an avid Ronald Reagan fan and debater for the Forensics Team, is known for his far-fetched political suspicions.

Senior, Mitch Ryan, described something not unlike Paranormal Activity. “One of the previous teachers was dragged into the Spanish room by an unknown force. The door wasn’t locked, but no one could get it to open. A few hours later, the teacher opened the door and everything seemed fine. But then, people started changing. No one talked and no one smiled. Weird things started appearing in the hallway, and that’s why they stopped using it!”

In truth, the World Language Hall is no longer operational for a much more logical reason. In the words of Principal Del Garrick, “The reason for not having classes in the former World Language Hallway is that we no longer are in need of those classrooms. The student population has decreased to the point where all classes can be more centrally located.” While his answer may be less exciting than those given by students, it certainly sets nerves at ease. Fortunately for Woodland Park High School, no dead cows, fight clubs, or creeping ghosts caused the demise of the once flourishing World Language hall.

For now, the World Language Hall must lay dormant. It can only be hoped that our little community will eventually augment enough to provide enough students to once again fill the high school classrooms.

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